Vietnam 1974
Lebanon, quaternary, oil on canvas, 2.75 X 2.30 meters each ( 9 X 7.5 feet),  1975-76
Lebanon, tryptich, oil on canvas, 3 X 7.60 meters (10 X 25 feet), 1977

The Vietnam series begun in 1970 and was first exhibited in 1973 at 76th Street Gallery in New York. Stylistically, the Vietnam series stands with the Birds and Dance Macabre series, which were done around the same period. The series along with a large number of works were lost or destroyed following the loss of the New York studio.

Work on the Vietnam series, however, continued culminating in the 1974 Vietnam painting whose composition, technique and thematic content had a strong impact on the Lebanon series that  begun in 1975 following the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War.

The compositions are characterized by violent expressions conveying the intensity of the mood generated by the subjects and themes. The surface of the canvas is charged with spontaneous vibrant brush strokes employing complex relationships of colors, forms and structures in a vast expanse of space reflecting the visual impact of the physicality of painting and the reality of the subject.